Important Notes


Important Notes About This Blog

 This is both my second blog and my second year of blogging and I hope you will visit my first blog Seeking My Conscience at

About My Featured Image

Update for those of you who read my previous version of this. In case you wonder why I don’t post a photo of the painting I’m speaking of, it’s that my mom ripped it to shreds along with other artwork of mine years ago while raging about my not being the daughter she raised. This was not because I was a bad woman. She wasn’t saying that. Rather, it was because I was going back to my pitiful jobless husband. Life is full of irony, isn’t it.

 Memory From My Future

Like Deja Vous, Only Better

I took this photo in October 2013 on a drive into Half Moon Bay, California, as a 50-something, lifelong resident of central Alabama who had never seen the Pacific Ocean.

I had long wondered about the character of the Pacific. As a young girl in the Sixties, and especially coming from a family that couldn’t afford vacation travel, some of my most memorable daydreams found homes in the sands of surfer movies. Momentous beach images from classic Hollywood dramas also rooted their metaphors into my deepest dreamworld. So, it had been, that not much later, as a 16 year old in a high school art class, I wished to paint the soulfulness of  a mystical shore. Looking through books and magazines, I came upon a small photo of a moonlit shore curved in front of mysterious blue bluffs. The photo looked down into the scene. Moonlight traced the  hills in the nighttime mist and created just enough glow to sculpt indigo waves. To me, it was an incredibly peaceful scene.

I had to modify it to make it fit the more oblong dimensions of my canvas. Thus, the hills became taller. I painted it from a closer-to-sea level perspective. In the weeks it took me to finish this rather large painting in oil, my impression of that slice of earth registered firmly as though I had lived in that place inaccessible though it was from my life path, or so I would have ever thought.

Yet, this photo snapped from a cruising vehicle — shows the hills I painted when I was 16. While, this may not seem like such an amazing story to you, it has significance beyond words to me personally. If you knew the story of how this girl (myself) happened to be on the Half Moon Bay, I think you could better appreciate the wonder of it all.

However, this blog is not intended to tell my life story. As far as I know, I am merely sharing the image with you because it is beautiful and because I want to start my new blog with a reminder of a special moment of my life.



3 responses to “Important Notes

  1. Very nice Vicki! 🙂
    – Erik

    • Why thank you, my good man. Seriously. Thanks so much for stopping by. Till we meet again in other media. Take care. I know you’ll let me know if you have any suggestions. 🙂

  2. Seven months later, that photo of half-moon bay still amazes me. The photo–even my teenage and very amateurish oil painting of the same scene– is the magic. The place itself was delightful, but when I look at the photo, it seems as if moments are actually timeless afterall.

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